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Charlee’s Good Time Drinkery is your local watering hole, favorite restaurant, and live music venue in the Little Rock River Market! What started out as the new dive bar in town has grown and expanded into a place for the flockers, by the flockers.


Head Honcho

Our fearless leader is a small-town kid from Eastern Arkansas who grew up farming and working at the local radio station. His love of BBQ and good music drove his desire to create a place focused on good food and good entertainment. “Good food doesn’t have to be served on white linen, and bar food doesn’t have to be pre-made. We don’t buy products—we buy ingredients.” —Rodge Arnold

Dress Code & Rules


2. Be Nice

3. See Rules #1 & #2

Questions? Well, I mean, it's pretty straight forward, but you could talk to the manager, I guess.

1. Wear Clothes

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